Games Are Made to Chill

With the rise of esports, video games have become more and more competitive. Creating stressful and toxic situations where winning is all that matters.

For 21-27 year olds, who fall in the middle of 73% of all esports viewership being between the ages of 18-34, this trend hits harder as they are stuck in a transition of taking games seriously as aspiring pros or only wanting to play to relax after a long day at work.

Coors Light wants to change this perception and remind people that games are meant to be enjoyed. That they are in fact a valid outlet to escape and refresh your state of mind from the ongoings and stress of daily life and doesn’t have to be the rage induced hobby it is often portrayed as.

This idea is what makes up the driving ethos behind Games Are Made To Chill.


University Project
Entry to D&AD New Bloods
April 2021


Marketing Campaign
Art Direction


Michael Mackay © 2022

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